Writing Creative Stories and Sending Great Signals

e-Partner MessagingNo doubt you have heard about the concept of body language.

Body Language is of course a form of communication, a way we all send signals to the people around us. These signals are called "messaging."

jfk-rkEach of us send messages nearly all day and sometimes at night while sleeping.

The concept of business and personal messaging is formulated by gathering our intended signals, the one's we like, the ones that work and the ones we want to send out, and packaging them into expressions that include language, symbols, graphics, fonts, recordings, slogans and special word groups, colors, designs and even today, videos.

Your website, its graphics, images and copy is a form of collective messages...for good or bad...or, in some case, just neutral.

Create a Global Approach to your Messaging

Colors, text styles, word combinations, graphics, videos and photos can be combined to create dazzling messages. Each of these elements create customer cues.

e-Partner Messaging and SignalsAll of the marketing components when collected and properly arranged are sending stories made up of what we call "cues." By adding an "l" we get "clues."

Every time we meet someone we send them multiple and complex cues (and clues) through our dress, words, body language, facial expressions, speech, eyes, attitudes and more.

You and your business can succeed or fail based upon the messages and signals we push out to all of our public and personal relationships.


When you partner with us, we help you write your message, but not just with words. We assist you with fashioning the signals you want your business to send to your prospects and your customers.

We make every attempt to connect all of the communication channels that tell your story and project the value of your business.

We Love to Create Content

Content is perhaps the most neglected element in website messaging and, messaging in general, for that matter!

Well, e-Partner loves content, while most of our customers would prefer to avoid the tasks associated with website messaging.

Your digital messages together with your personal and environmental cues are all sending your signal to the world around you.

Simple, Clean... to the Point

In today's world messages are clamoring and competing for attention. We are all bombarded with millions of messages each year. Our brain tries desperately to simplify the mess.

By keeping your message simple you and your organization can score points with your target audience. In most cases, people already know what they like and want, whether its a product or a service. Therefore, the challenges is to clean up the mess... get to the point quickly and make saying "yes" simple.

Below is an example of a simple, clean and to the point aerial message from a perspective that few have access to. This image was shot with a drone by Donald Teel in Santa Barbara, CA and is approximately 4,000 pixels by 2,250 pixels in its original format.

e-Partner Swimmers Aerial

Santa Barbara City College Pool © Copyright 2015 - Donald Teel, e-Partner Aerial Imagery. All rights reserved.

The title of this image is simply "Swimmers" for obvious reasons. Can you see the swimmers, the lanes and the definition? What's the message here?

Of course, we believe you love doing business with e-Partner, not because we offer cheap, bottom floor pricing, but because we can create stunning messages for you and your organization.

Reach out and ask about what we can do for your message.