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e-Partner Maui Photo Flight Jan 2006

Donald Teel Maui Flight - Jan. 2006

My Maui Flight Got Me Thinking

One of the benefits of being a private pilot is the advantage of perspective that comes with viewing things from atop Mt. Perspective.

Indeed, aerial imagery delivers a level of appreciation for the subject matter. Go to the Aerial Images page.

Whether one is soaring above the island of Maui, Hawaii or creating a 360 degree view of a resort hotel, nothing surpasses altitude.

My company, e-Partner, specializes in the incorporation of aerial imagery in websites, online video channels and other applications. We are registered with the FAA and we are approved under Section 333 to operate as a business.

e-Partner Aerial - School

We can create aerial videos and still shots for tourism, sporting events, commercial and residential real estate, golf courses, mapping, crash sites, search and rescue and just about any other application requiring perspective.

e-Partner Aerial Photography and Videography Services:

Our aerial imaging includes high resolution photography shot in both .jpg and raw format, such as .dwg, and we can create enhanced labeled still photos for your use.

e-Partner Aerial - Road and Golf Course

In addition, our aerial imaging include videography shot in 4k resolution. We can edit, drop in voice and sound channels and create a production video. Go to the Aerial Images page

Below is a partial list of the many application for our aerial services.

  • Advertising your Product or Services
  • Politics and Political Campaigns
  • Building a YouTube Channel
  • Fire, Fire Line and Building Fires
  • Competitive Intelligence Surveying
  • Conservation Regulation and Compliance
  • Film Making, Educational Videography
  • Aerial News Footage - Coverage
  • Pipeline Inspections and Patrol
  • Disaster Assessment, Management, Relief
  • Power Line Inspections/Surveys
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Commercial Real Estate Marketing
  • Agricultural Land & Crop Assessment
  • Monitoring Ranches, Land and Fences
  • Retail Shopping Center Marketing
  • Resort and Hotel Marketing
  • Sporting Events
  • 4th of July Fireworks Videography
  • Night Videography & Photography
  • Parties, Weddings, Water Events
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Search and Rescue Assistance
  • Structural Assessment, Dams, Reservoirs, Roads, etc.
  • Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Images
  • Security Inspections & Private Investigation
  • Real Estate Marketing - Luxury Homes
  • Waterway Assessment, Erosion
  • Survey/Mapping - Oil, Gas, Mining
  • Precision Agriculture Crop Imagery
  • Industrial Inspections of Bridges, Framed Structures
  • Search and Rescue Assistance
  • Education/Flight Instruction Training
  • Insurance Adjusting, Fire, Roof Damage
  • Research and Development
  • Construction Repair Assessment Images

Reach out to us, ask us for information about aerial imagery for your website, business or other application.

More Samples of Our Drone Aerial Work - COMING SHORTLY